The story of Harder Styles United begins back in 2009 in the heart of Sydney, Australia, where on the first Friday of every month, hundreds of dedicated ravers would gather at The Gaff nightclub to see the best local acts in the scene play, including legendary Aussie duos Toneshifterz & Bioweapon. Jager bombs were $5 and flowed freely, PLUR was spelled out in Kandi on the arms of many, Suae’s mum was busy selling roses, and the ceiling would rain on the diehards who danced until sunrise.

These memorable parties quickly earned HSU a cult following of devoted hard dance fans, and it wasn't long before Australia’s longest running harder styles club night stepped up to put on large scale events, with claim to the biggest indoor harder styles music festival in the Southern Hemisphere.

From the very first edition of Knockout in 2012, to the Final Knockout Circuz in 2017 and all that’s in between, Harder Styles United has continued to raise the bar and put on the highest quality festivals with international line-ups and world class productions, attracting thousands of ravers from all over Australia and the rest of the world.

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