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HSU Events has always sought to go above and beyond to provide a safe environment at all its events,

over 10 years of successful operation.

The health and safety of our patrons is our first priority.

HSU Events has held more than 60 events with a combined attendance of more than 165,000 patrons.

We work closely with all relevant authorities to implement extensive safety measures, which adhere to - and surpass - NSW Government guidelines for music festival organisers.

To keep everyone safe while they’re having a great time at our festival, we will continue to follow a four-step protocol - Assist, Protect, Educate and Ensure Comfort:


✔ Provide at least one on-site doctor for the duration of the festival

✔ Provide more than 50 medical staff stationed throughout the grounds

✔ Provide on-site ambulances



✔ Provide wristbands on entry with important safety messages

✔ Communicate event safety messaging via digital platforms, prior to and during the event

✔ Designate a 5x5metre safety screen in the middle of the arena with safety messages and zero tolerance notices

✔ Provide safety messages on-screen and through MC announcements on main stages

✔ Include artist safety messaging in pre-event showreels



✔ Provide free water stations provided throughout the grounds, free water bottles post-event and additional water stations in chill-out zones

✔ Construct a designated picnic area for relaxing


We take these actions to ensure we comply with and exceed the NSW Government’s Guidelines for music festival event organisers. These measures allow HSU Events to maintain our track record of zero drug-related fatalities over 10 years.

It is this friendly, inclusive and safety-focused environment that has cultivated one of the biggest fan bases

in the Southern Hemisphere.

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