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Entry Conditions

Acceptable forms of ID are: Australian Drivers Licenses, Proof of Age/Photo Card (or state equivalent), Keypass ID, and Passport.

All of the above must be valid and within date, originals and not copies, photos or scanned versions. If you do not have any of these forms of ID, it’s recommended you bring as much support photo ID as possible, yet entry will be at the Venue Licensee, Security & NSW Police discretion on the day. We cannot interfere in this process.

International drivers licenses are NOT accepted. If you are from overseas, you must bring your passport.
There is a NO LAD policy at all of our events.

Dresscode is relaxed. You can wear what you please with a few exceptions:
  1. No lad wear (TNs and bum bags are OK)
  2. No bare feet or thongs
  3. NO MASKS (at Sydney Showgrounds events)
  4. Hats are fine
  5. If dressing up, your face must not be hidden
No passouts will be issued, meaning that if you leave the event, you will not be allowed back in. No exceptions.
  1. Illegal or illicit substances, drugs, or drug paraphernalia
  2. E-cigs & vapes
  3. Masks (at Sydney Showgrounds events)
  4. Chewing gum, lollies & lollipops
  5. Outside food and drinks, including alcohol and water
  6. Professional cameras or recording equipment
  7. Selfie sticks
  8. Weapons of any kind, including fake/toy weapons
  9. Balloons
  10. Large bags or backpacks
  11. Any liquids or aerosols (including Amyl Nitrate, Nitrous Oxide Canisters, deodorant and liquid makeup)
  12. Vics (or equivalent) inhalers
  13. Any medication that has not been cleared with event organisers prior to the event
If you bring illegal items to the event, you will be handed over the police.
For other prohibited or restricted items, you may be refused entry without refund or will be asked to check the item into the external cloak room (depending on the item).

Please note:
The following items are OK to bring at Sydney Showgrounds events. For events at other venues, please refer to their respective websites for entry conditions.
  1. Small backpacks/bags
  2. Empty water bottles
  3. Cigarettes (to avoid any issues, make sure packets are sealed)
  4. GoPros (nothing larger)
  5. LED gloves
  6. Prescription medication that has been cleared with event organisers prior to the event


For events at Sydney Showgrounds:
There will be a cloakroom on site for $5. There will also be an external cloakroom just outside the entrance for some prohibited or restricted items (e.g. perfume, make up, large backpacks, selfie sticks). The cost is $5 and you will be to collect your item after the event on your way out.

Please note: This does not include items such as Amyl Nitrate, Nitrous Oxide Cannisters, Vics Inhalers, or ANY illegal/ illicit substances or paraphernalia.
There will be limited ATM’s inside the venue. All vendors accept credit card also.
A range of event merchandise and We Are HSU Apparel will be available to purchase from the Merchandise stall. Some sizes and variations are limited, so arrive at the event early to avoid missing out! Ear plugs are also available to purchase from the merchandise stand.

Cash & EFTPOS are accepted.

Any leftover merchandise will be released online via www.wearehsu.com in the weeks following the event.
For events held at Sydney Showgrounds, there will be a number food trucks & vendors on site.
Cash & EFTPOS are accepted.

As our events are 18+, there are licensed bars on site, stocking a variety of drinks, including beer, RTD’s and non-alcohol beverages such as water, energy drinks & soft drinks. Prices vary dependent on venue. All of the venues we work with practice responsible service of alcohol in accordance with the NSW Liquor Act 2007.

Cash & EFTPOS are accepted.


If you have a hard copy TICKETBOOTH ticket (i.e. a physical ticket that was purchased through an official ambassador), you will need to activate/register it. You can do this by going to the link printed on the left hand side of the ticket & typing in the registration code. Soft copy (i.e. tickets purchased online through Ticketbooth) do not need to be activated.
Ticketbooth tickets: If you are having issues with your ticket, please email [email protected]

Ticketek tickets: Please call Ticketek support on 13 28 49
If your ticket has NOT been purchased direct from Ticketbooth, Ticketek or a legitimate industry seller (i.e. official HSU promoter) you are at risk of being denied entry as per ticket policy. Purchasing your ticket from a reseller, unauthorised resale sites (e.g. Tixel, Viagogo, Eventbrite, Gumtree) or scalpers does not guarantee an authentic ticket for which HSU Events takes no responsibility.

Tickets purchased through Ticketek Marketplace are valid and will be honoured.

If choosing to buy a ticket secondhand from an unauthorised reseller:
  1. Have a look at the sellers Facebook profile. If it looks unusual (i.e. they only joined Facebook recently and have no profile picture, friends or activity on their page), do not buy tickets from them and report it to HSU Events. They are likely to be a scammer.
  2. Always make sure to pay via PayPal Goods & Services so that you are protected.
  3. If it is a Ticketbooth physical/hard copy ticket, meet up with the seller in person to collect your ticket, and activate/register it on the spot in front of them to make sure it is legit before paying them.
  4. If it is a Ticketek physical/hard copy ticket, still meet up with the seller in person, and make sure the ticket has a hologram logo on it before paying them.
  5. We advise against buying soft copy/online Ticketbooth tickets secondhand, as the seller will still be the owner of the ticket and can access it after it’s been sold to you, even if they complete a name change.
  6. Only buy soft copy/online Ticketek tickets via Ticketek Marketplace.
For tickets purchased online through Ticketbooth, the name of the ticket must match the attendee’s photo ID. Name changes are available by logging into your Ticketbooth account with your email used at time of purchase and password. Please ensure you only click on the submit button ONCE and that you are updating the TICKET NAME and not the order name as this will not reflect on the ticket when completing a name change.

If you purchased tickets from Ticketek, or physical tickets from promoters, you do not need to worry about names on tickets.

Police & Safety

HSU Events do not condone possession or use of illegal drugs at our events.
Police will be conducting a drug detection operation involving drug detection dogs, and you (and your possessions) will be searched prior to entering the venue. Offenders will be prosecuted.
Breaching any of the entry conditions previously mentioned will result in being refused entry to the event without refund.
HSU Events is committed to providing a safe environment for all of our patrons. However if you, your friends or anyone around you is feeling unwell or needs help, please:
  • Go/take them to first aid area
  • Alert security, police, medics or event staff immediately
Sitting down in the middle or at the front of the dance floor is strictly prohibited. Staff & security need to be able to see everybody to make sure they are safe, and it also creates safety issues for standing/walking patrons.
  • Security
  • Police
  • Event staff
Police and all venues we work with are always on alert to stop fence jumpers from entering our events. Police will patrol all aspects of the venues from outside. Fence jumpers will be caught and prosecuted.

Important safety messages

  • Be a legend and respectful
  • Be nice to one another and respect each other
  • Help someone out if they look unwell
  • Pleases and thank you’s go a long way
  • Don’t be aggressive! We are all united for the love of music
  • Be smart, be safe and be aware
  • It’s not a race or competition
  • If you or your friends are feeling unwell, go to first aid
  • There is no judgement at first aid, but you will be safe
  • Look after your mates
  • Hydrate - drink water regularly and take breaks from dancing
  • Approach our staff if you need help
  • There is no such thing as a safe drug, so don’t take the gamble
  • Do not bring drugs into the event for yourself or anyone else - it is not worth the risk
  • You will be searched prior to entry, and offenders will be prosecuted


Public Buses: STA buses will run past the event site along Herb Elliot Avenue as per regular schedule

Trains: General services will run as per schedule for services going into Olympic Park via Central Station, servicing all Sydney and Regional lines.
For timetables, travel plans, ticket and fare information, call the Transport Infoline on 131 500 between 06:00am - 10:00pm seven days a week.

Taxis: A taxi rank will be provided on Herb Elliot Avenue, on existing taxi ranks.
For more details and updated information on accessing the venue, go to: www.sydneyolympicpark.com.au/maps/getting-to-the-park

Public Pickup Point: There is a 'public set down area' on Herb Elliot Avenue. All parent and private pickups are advised to be planned from this point.

Parking: There will be an event car park utilised for the event in Car Park P1.
The car parks will be user paid where usual costs will apply. For more information on access, locations, pre booking and general car parking information, go to www.sydneyolympicpark.com.au/visiting/transport/car_parking