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Please read the HSU Events terms & conditions of this ticket contract below:

  • You must pre-pay for your first 10 tickets as a new promoter. You will sell tickets at the price stated on the ticket (strictly no more or less). If you are caught selling above or below the price stated on the ticket, you will be instantly removed from the promoter's team.

  • After pre-paying for your first 10 tickets, any tickets you receive after that will be on consignment. This means you don't have to pre-pay for them, instead, you will return the money after you have sold the tickets.

  • You must return the money for every ticket sold to HSU Events, by the date specified by HSU. If you do not comply with this, your tickets will be cancelled and full legal action will be taken with the involvement of Police and debt collection agencies.

  • Any unsold tickets must be returned to HSU events by the date specified by HSU. If you do not return unsold tickets by the due date given by HSU, these tickets will be cancelled, you will be denied entry to the event and legal action may be taken.

  • You will take full responsibility for the tickets you have received from HSU. In the event of a ticket/s being lost or stolen, you may be liable for the cost of the ticket/s being reprinted.

  • You must supply a valid form of ID, current mobile contact number and this signed contract in order to be an ambassador for HSU.


All Terms & Conditions are final and non- negotiable.No exceptions will be made. There is no guarantee that you will receive your desired allocation of tickets. It is based on the number of tickets you have sold for previous HSU parties, as well as how quickly you can sell tickets & return the money to HSU. 

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